Welcome to digifin.uk

An independant technology infrustructure project helping to enable the "Internet of Value". Based in the UK, but with a Global outlook. Not directly affiliated to any other entity. But do actively support and promote other projects within the community that are building on and expanding the XRP ecosystem and usage, for the greater benefit of all.

Will always aim and endeavour to maintain Reliability, Availability and Consistancy with anything we do.


Activity with Codius and Interledger has unfortunately been, for now, suspended to concentrate on XRPL activities.

XRPL Validator

Proudly operating a Validating Node on the XRPLedger since 16th February 2019. Now listed in the [dUNL], since 12th February 2020.

validator public key:


toml file:

can be viewed and checked using: xrptools.alloy.ee

digifin.uk actively supports @GoodXrp and the charities listed, please see the Just Giving page for more info.

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